Plan Ahead to Leave Behind.

Plan Ahead to Leave Behind.

Plan Ahead to Leave Behind. Plan Ahead to Leave Behind. Plan Ahead to Leave Behind.

"For it is in giving that we receive."

-Francis of Assisi

Strategic Philanthropy for Nonprofits and Individuals

ThinkGiving provides comprehensive major and planned gift consulting services to nonprofit organizations of all sizes, with or without current programs. ThinkGiving was founded on the belief that all nonprofit organizations should offer donors various opportunities as a way to support their missions. ThinkGiving provides a variety of options for all nonprofits to create or expand their major or planned giving programs.  


ThinkGiving founder, Cathy R. Sheffield, specializes in strategic major and planned giving consulting for nonprofits and individuals. Cathy takes great joy in mentoring colleagues to attain their full potential and reach their fundraising goals. From the moment you meet Cathy, you will recognize her passion for her work and appreciate her collaborative method for achieving results for both individuals and nonprofit organizations alike!  

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You Can Count On Us.


You can count on ThinkGiving to adhere to the highest professional standards and ethics. We pledge to work with you in accordance with these values: 

Integrity & Honesty


  • Honoring the confidentiality and privacy of each organization and donor 
  • Offering a candid assessment of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses 

Quality & Commitment


  • Providing excellent services in a timely manner 
  • Personally embracing your organization’s mission and working to advance it 

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