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Individual & Family Philanthropy Concierge Services

What Will Your Legacy Be?   

As a Chartered Philanthropic Advisor, Cathy assists individuals in fulfilling their philanthropic passion. Cathy’s commitment is to helping others understand the power of philanthropy and the powerful outcomes yielded by personal engagement. Whether you are considering your personal, business or family philanthropy and legacy, Cathy will provide structure and guidance to help you take action, find your passion and create your philanthropic legacy (Incorporate values and the transferring of values into giving).

Cathy easily connects with individuals and learns about your values, passion and philanthropic goals through conversation and/or questionnaires. Cathy will then guide you through a discussion of what you and your family would like your legacy to be, and together you will create your meaningful and lasting philanthropic legacy!     

Services Provided:    

  • Establish Personalized Charitable Profiles 
  • Review Charities for Philanthropic Impact 
  • Review Proposals from Charities  
  • Make Charitable Recommendations Based on Your Philanthropic Goals 
  • Work with You and Your Advisors to Create Charitable Estate Plans that Best Suit Your Goals and Personal Situation  

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